AMF International Trade Co., Ltd.

AMF International Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional foreign trade company with diversified and series product scope, doing business all over the world.

The product line is as following:

First line: All standard shot peening and blasting materials in aviation manufacturing and industrial production, nozzles, shot peening equipment and accessories, shot peening technical training and services.

Second line: Magnesium, including magnesium alloy extrusion, magnesium alloy plate, magnesium alloy tape, magnesium sacrificial anode, magnesium alloy die casting and sand casting, magnesium alloy tools.

We do excellent in this industry and cooperated with partner to develop and manufacture magnesium alloy extrusion in 2003.

Third line: Foundry, including sand casting, die casting, permanent casting, investment casting, centrifugal casting of Aluminum alloy, copper, zinc, iron and magnesium etc. The products involve auto components, machinery components, hardware tools and medical equipments, etc.

We can also supply services such as mold designment, CNC machining, heat treatment, surface treatment like blasting, painting and coating, packing, transportation, etc.

Fourth line: Thermal spraying masking tape, anodizing masking tape, special tape and testing strips made of aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, copper alloy and nickel alloy used for anodic oxidation, paint mists and many other applications.

Fifth line: Manufacturing professional tools in the construction of concrete, terrace and masonry.  Please kindly visit our website of to see more information.

AMF international has always valued research and development of new products and enlarged the business scope so as to deepen and broaden the product line and supply one - stop solution service to the customers. All the products we handled achieve the international standard and satisfy the demand of customers on the series products. To satisfy and surpass our customers’ request is our principle; to achieve mutual benefit is our strategy. Depending on more than 10 years business and endeavor, AMF international assures the excellent quality and prompt service. We welcome friends overseas contact and cooperate with us; hope both of our prosperity is in the near future.

It started in 2002

Products, services, covering more than 90% of manufacturing companies

A number of product patents

“Business Scope”


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